Roo Knee Tendons 200grams


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Kangaroo Knee Tendons Cartilage Dog Treat Chews

The Kangaroo Knee Tendons dog treats are natural, healthy, and delicious, as well as one of our top sellers! They are made only from Australian kangaroo kneecap tendons and contain no artificial additives, such as colour, sugar, or preservatives. They are very low in fat and are rich in protein. Kangaroo meat will help your dog’s immune system and is high in zinc and Omega 3.

They are an excellent dental chew for small to medium dogs. The tendons are a tough treat that will keep them entertained. They last nearly as well as kangaroo bulb tendons but cost less, so they are an economical treat that you will love, and your dog will love even more!

Our whippets take about 10 -15 minutes to get through one of these and are a staple in our household!

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